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Mindful Diamond Co. is a boutique bespoke jeweller that cares.


Specialising in engagement rings and wedding rings, we work closely with you to hand-craft a piece that reflects your exact desires. Our bespoke process ensures that your unique vision is brought to life. Not sure what you want? Ask us for our Guide to Choosing an Engagement Ring to start the process. Be sure to check out our Instagram below for some inspiration!


Diamonds are truly the essence of beauty – they embody everything we love. But they come at a cost both to the environment and the miners who work to extract them. Mindful Diamond Co is joining the growing global group of jewellers that are backing ethical standards of environmental sustainability, human rights and ethical labour practices – without compromising on quality. 

Mindfulness is at the core of what we do. Our diamonds and gems are ethically sourced at every step of the production process – from socially and environmentally responsible mining to ethical polishing and trading. Our goal is to make a piece of jewellery that you can really be proud to wear.

To go a step further, 10% of all profit is donated to charity so you are directly making a positive impact when working with us. The best part is: you choose where to direct your contribution. Mindful Diamond Co is all about creating an experience for you, so what better way than to make a difference in a cause you are passionate about?

“Mindful Diamond Co. was founded by myself and my partner with the vision of creating jewellery that you can be proud to wear – one that has high ethical standards and makes a positive impact globally. Bringing to the table my Gemological Institute of America qualifications and love for design, I will collaborate with you to create a piece you won’t want to take off. Mindful Diamond Co. stresses the highest quality of work in our jewellery and ensures a seamless process for you. Let us take care of the work so you can enjoy the experience!”

Elizabeth xx

Diamond Engagement & Wedding Rings

Just one small gold ring can displace over 20 tonnes of earth using toxic chemicals in the process, with dangerous and exploitative conditions of labour.

Over 65% of the world’s diamonds today come from African countries where there can be little to no ethical standards of mining and labour.

All of our diamond rings are beyond conflict free in every aspect. They are ethically sourced from the Argyle mines in Western Australia and the Diavik mine in Canada and are where possible, are traceable at every step so you always know where your diamond has been, from within the ground until you take it home.

Our jewellery is hand-crafted to ensure absolute brilliance – our diamonds go above and beyond the norm of the 4 C’s to create a superior luxury that will last you a lifetime.

Choosing the diamond is no easy feat but Mindful Diamond Co. is here to make the experience one you will always remember. We establish your desired cut, carat weight, clarity, colour and we continue to work closely with you to discover all the in-betweens that make up your one-of- a-kind piece.


“Diamonds are the most valuable, not only of precious stones, but of all things in the world”


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Get in touch now to book your complimentary consultation. Our head office is located at
99 Elizabeth Street, Sydney, with our second office in Vancouver, Canada, but we work with clients around the world.

Email: hello@mindfuldiamondco.com Mobile: +61 424 414 055